The makeup gem that might be hiding in your teenager’s make-up case!

Recently I met a friend for lunch who I hadn’t seen in ages. I love meeting up with this friend as the conversation just flows and I always find there’s never enough time to catch up on everything.

We met in a dimly lit place and as my lovely friend filled me in on all the ups and downs, tears and laughter I couldn’t help noticing that her face had this lovely soft shimmery glow. Granted she is a beautiful lady in her 50s, but today she was looking particularly ethereal.

I gathered she must be wearing a highlighting cream or powder but it looked so natural and radiant. I would love to wear shimmery powders and highlighters but I always worry that I’ll look like I’ve dipped my face in a pot of glitter.  I’ve seen the dipped in glitter look on others….not flattering.

Bearing in mind my friend is not really a makeup enthusiast and I know she doesn’t splurge on makeup either, I made a mental note to ask her what she had on. I didn’t manage to in the restaurant – there was too much else to talk about!

When we stepped out into the harsh winter afternoon light afterwards, I thought that would be the moment when I would have to tell my friend she needed to hold off on the gold dust. But no – even in unforgiving light it looked soft and subtle. I asked her what she had on and I was waiting for her to mention an expensive brand that boasts finely milled particles, light reflecting pigments, and all that beauty speak. But she said “Ooh I don’t know what it’s called darling, I just grabbed it out of T’s (her 12 year old daughter!) make-up case and gave my face a quick dust! “Grabbed” and “quick” – now that’s exactly how I like my morning routine! So she promised to send me a pic of the magic powder. And here it is. It’s Lip Me Lots by super cool Italian brand Kiko.  And the best bit – it smells of vanilla!!

Lip me lots face highlighter

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