If you don’t do any exercise – do this: 7 reasons to walk for just 20 minutes every day



  1. It will lift your mood as it releases endorphins that trigger happy feelings similar to morphine.
  2. It will energise you – because it increases blood flow which in turn creates energy in your body making you feel less fatigued.
  3. It gets your heart pumping and reduces your risk of heart disease.
  4. It clears your head – after your walk you will find it easier to focus your attention on whatever or whoever needs it!
  5. Walking after a meal can lower your blood sugar and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes – especially if you’re considered to be pre-diabetic.
  6. Its low intensity so easier on your joints – so whilst it may seem unimpressive compared to a calorie intensive workout -there’s a smaller risk of injuring yourself and being unable to do any exercise for weeks.
  7. Its free and easy – no gym fees, gym bag to pack, shower to think about when you get back to work. And you don’t have to do 10,000-steps-a-day – that came from the marketing campaign of a Japanese pedometer and they just picked a number!

Even if you walk at a moderate pace – you’re still lapping everyone sat on the couch or at their desk!

Just get up, get out and walk. Just 20 minutes will lift your mood, boost your energy and if you do it everyday – yes for just 20 mins – it will shrink your waistline and burn calories. If you can walk for 2 minute intervals really fast like you’re late for a meeting or a bus – even better!

If you’re on holiday by the sea or you live by the sea then you have an added advantage. Scientists say it takes 2.1–2.7 times more energy to walk or run on sand than it does to move at the same pace on hard surfaces. That energy is used to strengthen all the muscles between your feet and back, especially your calves, quadriceps and glutes.

If you walk briskly on the beach, you’ll get the added benefit of the sand massaging the soles of your feet, which activates venous and lymphatic circulation.


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