The hair styling product that protects and gives you supersoft hair

There’s a lady in my Pilates class who has fabulous hair- thick, smooth, shiny – and long! I used to admire her hair and wonder how she keeps it in such great condition. So one day I just asked her “How does your hair always look so amazing?!” She then revealed that she has really big, frizzy hair- and get this – she uses straightening irons every other day!

This led me to my next question “How on earth does your hair always look so amazing and healthy with all that heat styling?!” The answer? This product:



When my sister visited me from South Africa and used this she was blown away by this product. She has curly hair that can get really dry so she’s tried it all. And you only need to use a tiny amount of this stuff- half a pea size. Now when I visit I take her a tube of this product and one tube lasts her a year. So it’s a bit pricey but a little goes a long way! Just rub it in your palms lightly to start first, and then run your hands through your towel dried hair so you can evenly distribute it over your hair and then heat style.

I’m really regimental about oiling my hair weekly to keep it in good condition (more of that on another blog) but I still use this before I blow dry my hair because it really does make a difference. Goodbye unhealthy looking, dry, split ends. Hello glossy, smooth hair!


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