The ingredient that turns the humble Mac n Cheese into a gourmet meal

Recently we were invited on this amazing yachting holiday by friends on a private yacht with its own chef ( I know – get me holidaying like Beyoncé)

One evening Chef Tom (as he was affectionately called by us) served up his usual fabulous food and the potatoe purée had this wonderfully distinctive taste. I was trying to put my finger on what it was when my husband pointed out that it was truffles.

Now truffles themselves are extravagant and expensive – but truffle oil I’ve discovered is a more affordable alternative that still lends the same intense flavour! And it can be used in pasta, mash, scrambled eggs, scallops, pizza, chips and potatoe wedges. The trick is to use it sparingly as too much can be overpowering. Now I can dig into my macaroni cheese pretending I’m afloat a majestic yacht …. ha! I can dream. The boys whining about why they can’t eat their broccoli soon brings me back to earth.

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