Skin peels -Do try this at home

Every time the subject of at-home skin peels come up I am reminded of that episode of Sex and The City when Samantha attempts to get a peel just days before Carrie’s book launch party and ends up looking like a lobster!


I think at home peels have come a long way since then. And I recently discovered a company that specialises in home peels, from  light fruit peels to Mandelic peels to TCA peels.

A friend who is a qualified aesthetician and used to perform skin peels, once shared the names of the products she used with me but when I looked into it, they were expensive and looked like serious business. She did offer to talk me through it (she lives in another country) but the thought of carrying out a professional grade peel (albeit with the guidance of a very experienced professional) on myself? for the first time?- took me straight back to Samantha in Sex and The City!

So – I researched companies that sell at-home peels and discovered I immediately shared this with a friend who I know used to have professional peels but now does regular peels at home and she said “Yeah, I’ve been using their peels for years, they work really well.”

So why am I sharing this with you? Because I was so excited to find them and I’m nice like that and we’re all going to shrivel up and die eventually so why not share the beauty tips! I also don’t like spending vasts sums on beauty. And I don’t think you need to either. A professional TCA peel costs £600 a time whilst a TCA kit of 10 peels from MUAC cost’s $35.75. The key to using these peels though, is to start slowly with a very low % and build it up. I started with their fruit peel on my face and I was impressed with the brightening effect. I used the 12.5% TCA for a darker scar on my shoulder, and I was astounded at the lightening effect on that scar. I would love to have a stronger peel on my face but I can’t afford the downtime with work and school runs etc. Maybe in 10 years time when I can take 2 weeks off and hide indoors. If you do have the luxury of being able to have downtime then a friend, who uses these regularly (and has fabulous, glowing skin) advises the use of Mandelic peels for thicker, darker skin.

So whatever you do, start low and slow and you should be fine. But I’m not a qualified aesthetician so please seek advice before trying any of these. MUAC are brilliant at giving advice and support on using their peels and during the peeling process, so you don’t really feel like you’re on your own with these. However, if you jump the gun and decide to apply a 30% TCA on yourself and you end up like Samantha in SATC, that’s your choice, but they do strongly advise against doing this on their website.

They also sell lots of other skincare and makeup products like microdermabrasion polishes, sun care, “botox alternatives”?!, melasma and rosacea treatments etc from as little as $6. I would love to hear from you if you do try their products or any recommendations if you’ve tried any of their products already.

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