I tried to convince my husband to join a Pilates class for years. He suffered from back and knee problems caused by running. He eventually gave in when a male friend of ours mentioned a class near us that he was attending, and now he wishes he had listened to me years ago. Better late than never though so if you can find a suitable class go for it.


There’s a massive misconception that Pilates is slow-paced and gentle and generally for women. This could not be further from the truth. Yes Pilates is great for injury rehab but a tough class can be just as challenging as a session in the gym. The truth is a Pilates session is often more beneficial than a general gym session or a jog.

Men can achieve the following benefits from attending Pilates.

Sport Performance

If you participate in sport Pilates will significantly improve your performance. This is demonstrated through professional athletes who have used Pilates to take them to another level, examples include Tiger Woods in his prime and Andy Murray. Below are some of the skills Pilates can improve;

  • Balance & Co-ordination – Pilates involves balance, control, core stability, and co-ordination. This helps massively while participating in sport.
  • Strength and Power – In order to generate maximum amount of power and strength you need to be stable through your core. As you can generate more from a stable base.
  • Concentration and Focus – To compete at the highest level you need to be able to concentrate and focus. Pilates forces you to pay attention to how your body is moving and your breath at the same time. You need to concentrate on good form and ensure your engaging the right muscles.

Strengthen your core

Your core is made of a range of muscles that help to support your spine and torso. All movements originate from the core, if the core is weak or unused it becomes dependent on the larger more dominant muscles, while the smaller stabilising muscles go unused. Overtime this can lead to poor flexibility and range of movement and increase risk of injury. Pilates promotes core activation leading to more stable and powerful movements.

Improved posture

Bad posture is becoming more and more common as technology improves. Every Pilates exercise  in some way relates to improving posture, reducing general  aches and pains and reducing the risk of long term injury.

Spinal mobility

A stiff spine is the root cause of so many back injuries, any good Pilates class will look at taking the spine into different ranges of movement which will keep the back and spine in good health.

Develop neglected muscles

All muscles in the body have an action and purpose. However our current lifestyle means some muscles are used much more than others causing imbalances which either led to injury or inefficient movement.  A big part of Pilates is to focus on the muscles we do not use as much and to lengthen the muscles that become short due to our lifestyle.

So if you’re a man and have never tried Pilates I challenge you to give it a try!

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