This dries spots in hours

I’m never without this product! It literally is the only thing I’ve come across that dries spots and pimples effectively overnight and reduces inflammation. It’s come to my rescue for years and I order them two at a time so I’m never without it. The trick I find is to exfoliate the offending pimple first (I use a tiny bit of dermologica daily microfoliant) then apply this stuff, and it seems to works faster. The wand has a padded end that you press to get the solution out. The directions instruct you to press this on to the affected area. I never do this! Surely that would just infect the pad with bacteria. Instead I press it onto the back of a clean finger and apply the solution onto the spot with my finger and it works a treat. For deep cystic spots you will need to do this three times a day but that should clear it up within 24 hours. No spots hanging around for days with this wand.


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